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Water is the source of the life cycle and the fact that water still covers 2/3 of our planet, proves that our future depends on a reliable and safe water supply. The water cycle through the continuous evaporation and precipitation phases is deeply altered during its course through nature. Decomposition products, sediment, but also man-made general pollution make the water impure and sometimes very dangerous. It is therefore essential to treat and condition our water to make it safe for use for our everyday needs.

TAWPS Ltd is a leading international water treatment specialist organization with divisions specializing also in air treatment and industrial machinery. It was founded in 1985 in Cyprus with the sole aim of providing the right solution to each consumer problem based always on solid scientific knowledge. Our company has remained committed to offering the very highest quality of service and working closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals.

This approach has been greatly valued by the public and gradually a large customer base of many tens of thousands has been build as well as a solid network of distributors all over Cyprus and abroad. It enjoys excellent relations with state and municipal organizations, contractors, engineers, consultants, architects, industry, hotels etc.