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Air Sterilazation Equipment

Air Sterilazation Equipment image


UV disinfection technology provides the highest food hygiene standards, whilst reducing its dependence on chemical disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection has many varied applications treating food products and packaging directly, as well as localized disinfection of the handling equipment and surrounding airspace.

Our Air sterilization equipment range from the Batten unit used to disinfect rooms via upper air irradiation, the Steristrom disinfection cabinet designed to keep equipment for hairdressers and doctors such as scissors and scalpels in a disinfection environment, through to our UV transfer tunnels that will disinfect food and packaging via a conveyor belt system.

Our Batten units offer a solution to tightening hygiene standards in the food or medical industry without using chemicals. They destroy airborne and surface bacteria, yeasts and fungus and is available in different lamp configurations, power outputs and sizes.
For Direct Radiation a door interlock system can be installed, which turns off the UV when a person enters the room being disinfected.

Different users are:

  • Poultry houses, animal breeding sheds, kennels
  • Storage of meat, chemicals or medical equipment
  • Laboratories, culture preparation rooms, industrial research.

For Upper Air Irradiation wall mounted reflector units are used where operatives are present. Different users are:

  • Surgeries, Post operative wards, Intensive care units, General hospital wards, Clinics and other Pharmaceutical applications
  • Laboratories and Industrial research
  • Manufacturing or food processing
  • Food storage areas
  • Manufacturing or food processing and bottling plants

Food industry applications - Transfer tunnels

Driven by the growing demand for ever higher quality standards, food producing and packaging industries now benefit from UV technology, which helps them realize even higher standards with reduced dependence on chemical processes. The introduction of UV tunnels has allowed a broad range of food manufacturers from bakeries to meat processors to give food handling a high level of disinfection.

Common applications include:

  • Disinfection of products being transferred into High Care
  • Treatment of products prior to packaging to give them extended shelf life
  • Disinfection of utensils for food handling and packaging materials.

For example, a meat processor wanted to eliminate the risk of transferring bacteria into their high care area when transferring products and equipment. They considered ozone and chemical treatment but cost and safety issues led them to choose ultraviolet disinfection. The tunnels are built to customer specification to provide the optimal solution to ensure products are free from contamination. Also major bakery recently invested in the UV tunnel pictured below to disinfect surfaces on their bread products.

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