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Bag Closing Equipment

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Packaging studies all over the world have shown that consumers want packages that are easy to open and easy to reclose. A package that is easy to reclose protects the product's freshness until completely consumed. Also a package that has a clearly marked consume-by-date, offers extra protection to the consumer about the product's freshness.

Kwik Lok Corporation has been manufacturing for over half a century the popular and patented KWIK LOK all-plastic bag closure that offers the consumer a truly convenient package which is easy to open and equally easy to reclose. The plastic bag and Kwik Lok are a natural combination that meets this critical packaging requirement. When product freshness is critical, Kwik Lok protects it throughout the consumption cycle. Some of the products that the KWIK LOK closures are used are:

  • Bakery products, such as bread, rolls, pitas etc.
  • Confectionary products
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Spare parts

The unique KWIK LOK closure also offers a practical surface to print apart from the sell-by-date, other useful information such as, price, lot codes, etc. Using a Kwik Lok System the packager has one system that will CLOSE and PRICE a bagged package. Labels can also be applied to the closure offering packagers a very low-cost method of labelling a bagged package. Labels are also an excellent media to promote product sales. The labels can be used for in-store coupons, cross-advertising, games, contests, local promotions, etc.

The Kwik Lok Bag Closing Systems range includes both automatic and semi-automatic bag closing machines which offer the following advantages:

  • Unsurpassed production speeds
  • Low initial investment cost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Very few damaged packages
  • Minimized spare parts inventories
  • Low downtime rates
  • Low replacement costs
  • Low repair costs.

In order to satisfy the ever increasing demand for Kwik Lok closures, six production plants are around the world are currently producing billions of bag closures every year for the flexible packaging industry.

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