Ultra Violet Water Sterilizers

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Shortwave ultraviolet light kills waterborne microorganisms with ease, provided they are exposed to the radiation for a sufficient length of time. The UV light breaks the DNA chain, thus preventing their multiplication. Ultraviolet disinfection is a rapid, in flow process which cannot overdose or chemically alter the water. It is therefore an ideal disinfection method for both professional and domestic markets.

Our extensive UV disinfection range is based on established designs with advanced features, giving proven reliability and efficiency. Potable water, soft drinks, medical, pharmaceutical and process water flows from 1 litre/min. up to 9000 m³/hr can be treated using standard product designs. We also specialise in bespoke systems for any UV water depuration application, designed to accurately meet all possible needs.

Please note that even our standard units can be customised to your requirements if needed. All single lamp units come with a standard control, mounted with or separate to chamber. Our stainless steel chambers have over 25 years of proven reliability. Our extensive range of 304 stainless steel chambers are designed to meet the stringent requirements of industry.All units use high efficiency lamps, requiring only annual replacement.The standard power supply is 220/240V AC 50Hz. The control boxes for our multi lamp units are constructed from 1.5 mm fabricated powder coated mild steel.

The chambers incorporate low-pressure lamp/s contained within high purity quartz sleeve/s that protects it from the liquid. The minimum lamp life is 8000 hours continuous use.

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