Smoke Alarms

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Properly installed and maintained, residential smoke alarms are one of the best and least expensive ways to provide an early warning when a fire begins. Smoke alarms save lives, prevent injuries and minimize property damage by alerting residents early to a fire hazard.

KIDDE smoke alarms are recognized worldwide for their reliability, sensitivity and for their cutting-edge advanced technology. They are broadly divided into three main categories as follows:

1. Battery Powered

Kidde battery powered smoke alarms offer an inexpensive and easy way to protect homes that aren't pre-wired with an interconnected system. The battery power continues to work during a power outage if they have been replaced regularly. Battery powered alarms can be installed easily and all models include a test button, power indicator light, battery locking, and low battery warning indicator.

2. AC Wire-in Powered

Kidde offers a full range of AC wire-in life safety products with interconnect capability to provide the most immediate and complete system available. When any one interconnected alarm is triggered by smoke or heat, all interconnected alarms within the home sound an immediate warning.

3. Wireless

Kidde Wireless is the next level in fire protection technology. More warnings in more places for more time to escape. The Kidde Wireless System features the first UL-listed Wireless Smoke Alarms. Trust Kidde, the leader in fire safety, to offer the most advanced technology in a system that you can install - quickly, easily and simply.

There are only minutes to escape a house fire. The sooner you hear the smoke alarm, the sooner you can get out safely. But many factors can prevent you from hearing an alarm in time.

Interconnected alarms provide early warning against fire by adding additional coverage throughout your home, dramatically increasing your ability to hear an alarm anywhere, regardless of where the fire starts. When one alarm sounds they all do! Newer homes are required by code to have interconnected alarms. Wireless technology enables ANY home to have an interconnected system.

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