Air Curtains

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Air curtains are not visible and they maintain the expected air conditioning inside the room by stopping external impurity and temperature thanks to the insulated barrier which they create through air pressure on the entrances doors. They are mainly used in public and commercial environments such as offices, shops, kiosk etc.

All our air curtains are manufactured in the EU to the highest standards and corresponding to all the CE regulations. With their functional design and quite operation they offer the following advantages:

  • Power cost savings (thermally insulating the entrance of the shops, hence maintaining the expected air conditioning inside the room, saving from useless dispersion of energy).
  • Invitation to the customers (air curtains allow to have the shop doors open).
  • Protection from external elements (smog, dusts, insects).
  • Division and differentiation of areas inside the same room (smoker/non smokers, air conditioned area/open air area).

Our air curtains can be supplied in two versions:

  • Unheated Version: a suitable and cheap solution for all seasons. The power consumption is limited only for the ventilation.
  • Heated Version: in addition to the function carried out by the Unheated Version, it can also produce a hot air barrier, thus ensuring the best energy-saving performance possible during the winter season.

Both versions can be supplied with remote controllers for easier operation.

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