Water Softeners

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Water softeners are systems which eliminate the ions causing water hardness in the water. They are usually installed just after the domestic water metre or inside the boiler room, but always before the water is actually piped inside the house. They consist of one or more tanks containing the resin, a salt tank where the brine is stored and a control unit which supervises the automatic operation of the system.

The water softening process puts ion exchanging resin into action, where millions of microballs placed in a reservoir come into contact with the water to be softened. These balls have  previously been charged with sodium ions and they then exchange these for calcium and magnesium ions, which cause water hardness. This is the active phase of the water softening process and progressively the resins are saturated and lose their efficiency. However, this does not mean that  they have to be replaced, as they are regenerated through the means of brine obtained with a special  salt of high purity. Upon contact with the resin, the brine captures the magnesium and  calcium ions and replaces them with sodium ions. The brine then takes away the undesirable ions to a drain, the resin is then washed and rinsed and the water softening process restarts automatically.

Our water softeners are constructed from high quality non-corrosive materials which gives them long lifetime. The automatic control valves and all the accessories are made from synthetic materials or precious metals and the resin used is distinguished by its very high ion exchange capacity. Their outputs range from 1 ton / hour - 100 tons / hour, thus satisfying fully all the requirements of the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

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