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Hard water can cause havoc to households. It can do damage to kettles, hot water cylinders in immersion heaters, irons and coffee machines to name a few. Normally, expensive, tedious and environmentally unfriendly chemicals or salts are used to treat pipes in a house. Having been laboratory tested, our discreet domestic units are easy to install, and will immediately begin creating a soft water effect in your home.

Clean Scale electronic water conditioners prevent scale build up inside the pipes and boilers etc by inducing random electric fields into the water. They fit all types and sizes of water pipes and they are available from ½" to 12" pipe diameter.

Operation: Clean Scale computerised electronic water conditioners are the most cost effective environmentally friendly way to treat hard water problems. Clean Scale operates by using a unique combination of digitalized low frequency waves, transmitted through signal bearing antennae wrapped around the outside of the pipe. The induction loop created causes the calcium and magnesium to be positively charged, repelling each other, preventing them from forming lime scale. By polarizing the salts, they in turn polarize previously deposited scale, allowing its return to suspension, thus de-scaling the system. This de-scaling process occurs gradually over a number of months creating a scale free environment. The chemical nature of the water is not affected as nothing is added nor removed from the water and it will not affect its portability.

Applications: Clean Scale can be fitted on any pipe, except lead, and will be effective in any hard water area. All water fed equipment and systems can benefit from using Clean Scale. Applications range from treating water in individual water fed appliances to large scale process equipment, including cooling towers, condensers, heat exchangers, boilers clarifiers, spray jets and pumps. Our clients are from many different industries including; Agriculture, Bakeries, Bottling Plants, Catering Equipment Manufacturers, Dairies, Food Processing, Garden Centers, Health Clubs, Hotels, Hair Salons, Hospitals, Laundries, Offices, Process Industry, Schools and Vending Machines.

The Benefits: Some of the many benefits of using the Clean Scale water conditioners are making water more drinkable and kinder to the skin and hair. They also help solve hard water problems, such as burnt out kettles, or faulty hot water cylinders. They even reduce energy bills, by protecting water pipes from heat absorbing hard scale. In commercial and industrial applications huge savings can be made in the costs of maintenance, materials and down time. In addition to an increase in plant efficiency, longer equipment lifespans can be expected and energy savings. Clean Scale is the ideal, cost effective preventative maintenance tool for the home and industry.
Clean Scale units are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and conform to BS 3535 for low voltage electrical safety standards and comply to EN 55014, EN 50081/1 and EN 50082/1 for EMC electromagnetic compatibility regulations as well as carrying the CE mark.


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