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Automatic Taps

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Automatic taps are the most hygienic option available for hand washing. This is a very important aspect for everybody, but of increased importance where people are handling food, or where cross contamination needs to be avoided.

Electronic taps use the "optimum" amount of water. Our taps are normally fitted with a 6 litre flow reducing aerator on the spout to control the flow of water and the taps only run when the hands are placed under the spout, limiting the water use to the precise time required and preventing taps being left running. They all incorporate state-of-the-art design and technology and offer hygienic water dispensing solutions to all market sectors - including hotels, supermarkets, laboratories, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, motorway services and food factories to name a few.

Our extensive product range is suitable for use by the elderly or disabled and the superior heavy duty construction offers resistance to vandalism and misuse. Easy to install, with options for mains or battery operation, allow you to control your water efficiently, conserve energy and cut down on your costs without sacrificing performance and reliability.

All of the electronics of our taps are housed within the body of the tap. The solenoid valve and power supply are connected to the tap using simple and secure IP65 rated cables and connectors. When a user puts their hands under the tap, they are detected by an infrared sensor and the solenoid valve opens. The tap will run whilst there is motion in front of the sensor, allowing the user to wash their hands thoroughly without having to constantly re-activate the tap. Once the user removes their hands the electronics will automatically close the solenoid valve. If the infrared sensor has been subject to vandalism and covered deliberately the tap will only run for approx 2 minutes before locking out until the sensors are cleared.

Features include:

  • Up to 65% savings on water costs
  • No-touch operation
  • Hygienic - Helps avoid cross infection
  • Easy to use - Ideal for disabled or elderly
  • High performance & reliability
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Easy to install & maintain

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